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The temperature of the refrigerator compensates the position and function of the switch

      Let us first look at the role of the refrigerator temperature compensation switch: home refrigerated and frozen dual temperature refrigerator, basically double temperature (frozen) single control (cold room temperature control compressor start and stop, while the freezer no temperature Control) type, with mechanical temperature control accounted for more, and have a temperature compensation switch (some called the winter switch or power switch), but this switch is made manually manual or automatic temperature switch only, (Or press), the switch on both sides marked "open" and "off" the word; also useful "0" and "1" to do the code, "0" for the off , "1" for the open. Its role is to set the switch in particular when the temperature of the freezer compartment is maintained at a relatively low temperature when the ambient temperature is relatively low (10 degrees or less, individually below 16 degrees). Because the refrigerator compressor stop is to see the temperature of the refrigerator, that is, the temperature inside the refrigerator to reach the temperature control point (0-10 degrees temperature control) the compressor will stop running, because the cold room is 0-10 degrees between the temperature control , Such as in the winter (or the ambient temperature is very low), the temperature inside the refrigerator and the outdoor environment temperature is almost the same as the external environment like a large freezer, the refrigerator temperature sensor temperature probe has been the temperature is no In the boot point, will always be in a shutdown state (that is, the compressor does not work) but the freezing room temperature and time to keep below zero, the freezer and no thermostat, the temperature of the refrigerator has not temperature rise thermostat And did not reset the compressor does not work, that frozen food does not want to dissolve? So specially designed temperature compensation switch. The temperature compensation switch is turned on in the winter (or the ambient temperature is very low), and the cooling capacity of the freezer can be guaranteed. Working principle: cold storage thermometer probe or cold room evaporator at the end of a small power heating wire (some use of cold light bulb heat) through the temperature compensation switch to control the heating wire power off, the line and the thermostat line Parallel with the compressor in series, the thermostat line in the path, the compensation heating line is equivalent to open (due to the thermostat contacts connected to a short circuit, heating wire has a certain resistance) is not heated, the compressor running Cold, in the cold room under the cooler thermostat contact separation, compensation heating line and compressor in series, but also because the compressor line resistance value relative to the compensation heating line is relatively small and negligible, heating wire to be electricity Heating but the compressor is not working, so that the refrigerator thermostat can quickly reset the compressor in time to run the frozen chill to be guaranteed. But when the ambient temperature is high, do not open the temperature compensation switch, and there will be frequent downtime and cold storage room cream and power consumption and other undesirable phenomena.

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