First, corporate vision:The most satisfied with the product - HOLDER

Second, the enterprise purpose:Made the best quality products, do the most integrity of the service.


Third, the development goals:"A first-class industry, do international recognition."


Fourth, the spirit of enterprise:"Unity and hard work, love and dedication, pioneering and innovative."


"Unity" is a good development of the basic guiding ideology of enterprises through communication, coordination and cooperation, to create a fair and just good business environment, the formation of the upper and lower together, the same situation.

 "Hard work" must be accurate and efficient in the work, in the completion of the task to have "less than the Great Wall of non-heroes," the heroic feelings, there must be "not bow, do not admit defeat, dry tears, hold on" heroism, In the development of realistic stage objectives, to encourage the appropriate advance, against the waste of exaggeration.
"Benevolence" people have "human nature", the enterprise is composed of people naturally have the nature of people. So what is the "nature" of corporate culture In fact, corporate culture "nature" is people-oriented. But what is the "people-oriented"
"Humanized management", through the perfect system of care for employees to feel the respect for their own business, help and care, so that employees love business, love of work, love enterprises such as home. Retaining good employees is the greatest wealth of the enterprise.
"Dedication" people-oriented is under certain conditions to maximize the protection of the interests of every employee. The premise is that there is such a "certain condition", this condition is not born with. Is to rely on every employee to create the enterprise out. Everyone must work hard for the enterprise to dedicate his talents and strength to create this condition in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the greatest benefit.
"Pioneering and innovative" pioneering and innovative is the soul of enterprise development, through a wide range of scientific research activities and staff rationalization proposals to achieve full innovation; through the management of ideas and means of modernization, information and standardization, to achieve technological innovation and management innovation; The extensive exchange and cooperation, to achieve new technology cooperation and win-win situation.

Fifth, the enterprise core values:

So that customer satisfaction, so that shareholders rest assured that the staff happy.
 Interpretation: the ultimate goal of the enterprise is to create value. Value is the survival and development of enterprises of the true, imagine, some people will buy no value of goods or services? No one to buy your product or service you rely on what to get profits which? Only your product or service is valuable, recognized by the community, will bring you a steady stream of profits. The same staff must work hard to create value for the enterprise in order to obtain the proper remuneration. Therefore, customers, businesses, talent tripartite services for each other, while the need to reflect the value of each other.

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