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Job Title Andrews development engineer
Work place Luohu District World Financial Center Block B Number of recruits 2
Job Requirements
Job Responsibilities:

1. responsible for the company's Android client software product development and maintenance;
2. To complete the Android client software needs finishing and software design, development, debugging, publishing
3. To solve the development process of the problems encountered, continue to improve the Android application user experience, and continue to optimize performance.
4. Follow the project plan, submit high quality code on time to complete the development task;
5. To standardize the preparation, maintenance, and other work related to the project;

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, computer or related professional;
2. More than 3 years working experience, at least 1 year experience in Android mobile phone development;
3. Familiar with Android development platform and framework principles, familiar with Android software development, testing, distribution process;
4. Proficient in android SDK, can write UI controls, proficient in java programming and core class library, an independent android development experience;
5. Familiar with multi-threaded, HTTP protocol and Socket and other related programming techniques;
6. Familiar with Phonegap (Apache Cordova) cross-platform component priority
Familiar with https protocol development priorities
8. On-line products are preferred.

Number of people required: 2 people
Location: Shenzhen
Salary standards: monthly salary 15k-25k + double pay at the end of the year
Job Title Reception
Work place Luohu District World Financial Center Block B Number of recruits 1
Job Requirements
main duty: 
1, responsible for the reception of the guests and the treatment of the front desk
2, responsible for the introduction to the school's services and facilities;
3, to assist the daily office affairs, such as answering the phone, send and receive faxes, document printing and photocopying;
4, for the entire office of the staff to provide secretarial services;
Job Requirements: 
1, college diploma;
2, the image of good temperament, with affinity, articulate clear;
3, warm and cheerful, with excellent communication skills;
4, work seriously responsible, patient;
5, skilled operation of office automation software;
6, English 4 priority, spoken good;
7, customer service experience is preferred.
Job Title PCB
Work place Luohu District World Financial Center Block B Number of recruits 2
Job Requirements
Job Description:
1, to assist R & D engineers to product product selection;
2, electronic components and schematics, PCB file management and standardization;
3, according to the schematic diagram to complete the PCB drawing board, skilled use of Cadence software;
4, to complete the leadership of the other work assigned.
1, familiar with high-speed digital circuits, analog circuit basic theory, with a solid multi-layer (4 or more) high-speed PCB practical design capabilities;
2, good English reading ability;
3, with FPGA, ARM, X86 and other layout experience preferred admission.
Job Title Hardware engineer
Work place Luohu District World Financial Center Block B Number of recruits 2
Job Requirements
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the schematic design of the module circuit, chip selection, circuit construction, welding, commissioning and testing work;
2. Responsible for part of the product hardware and technical support and repair service;
3. Responsible for the procurement of project chips and some functional modules.

job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and automation, 2 years experience in hardware circuit development;
2. Familiar with EMC / EMI principle;
3. FPGA, DSP, ARM multi-chip combination of design and programming experience;
4. Executive strong, serious dedication, a sense of responsibility.
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